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At Arles, the Rhône divides itself in two arms, forming the Camargue delta, with all branches flowing into the Mediterranean Sea. Strong winds blow an average of 118 days a year in Toulon, compared with 76 days at Fréjus further east. The seasoning is as important as the fish, including salt, pepper, onion, tomato, saffron, fennel, sage, thyme, bay laurel, sometimes orange peel, and a cup of white wine or cognac. In about 6000 BC, the Castelnovian people, living around Châteauneuf-les-Martigues, were among the first people in Europe to domesticate wild sheep, and to cease moving constantly from place to place. When he escaped from Elba on, and landed at Golfe-Juan, he detoured to avoid the cities of Provence, which were hostile to him, and therefore directed his small force directly to the northeast. Rhodes pottery from that century has been found in Marseille, near Martigues and Istres, and at Mont Garou and Evenos near Toulon. Tropez and Hyères ) have a climate slightly warmer, dryer and sunnier than Nice and the Alpes-Maritime, but also less sheltered from the wind. With the building of new highways, particularly the Paris Marseille autoroute which opened in 1970, Provence became destination for mass tourism from all over Europe. Haute-Provence has unusually high summer temperatures for its altitude and latitude ( 44 degrees north ). History and legend has given René the title "Good King René of Provence though he only lived in Provence in the last ten years of his life, from 1470 to 1480, and his political policies of territorial expansion were costly and unsuccessful. The principal grapes for the red wines are the grenache, mourvèdre, and syrah. The Commune was crushed by the army and Cremieux was executed on 30 November 1871. The clear nights and sunny days cause a sharp difference between nighttime and daytime temperatures. There were widespread strikes in Marseille in 1919, and riots in Toulon in 1935. The site and statue were later visited by the "Bon Roi René".

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By the end of the 18th century, Marseille had a population of 120,000 people, making it the third largest city in France. At an altitude of 400 metres, and 18 to. They built hilltop forts and settlements, later given the Latin name oppida. A second wave of colonists arrived in about 540 BC, when Phocaea was destroyed by the Persians. The point belongs to the ball the closest to the cochonnet. Parks and gardens in Provence edit Main article: Gardens of Provence-Alpes-C?te d'Azur Cuisine edit A traditional Bouillabaisse from Marseille, soup and fish served separately Brandade de Morue is a dish of salt cod and olive oil, served. 26 19th century edit Provence enjoyed prosperity in the 19th century; the ports of Marseille and Toulon connected Provence with the expanding French Empire in North Africa and the Orient, especially after the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869. The principal grapes used in the red wines are the grenache, mourvèdre, cinsault, tibouren, and syrah. 80 percent of the production is rosé wine, fifteen percent is red wine, and 5 percent white wine.

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Marseille in 1754, by Vernet At the beginning of the 18th century, Provence suffered from the economic malaise of the end of the reign of Louis XIV. 10 They did not have their own alphabet, but their language remains in place names in Provence ending in the suffixes - asc, - osc. Later, during quaternary glaciations, as glaciers swept by, they further deepened those valleys which would eventually (at the end of the last glaciation) be invaded with sea and become calanques. 19 In 737 Charles Martel headed down the Rhône Valley after subduing Burgundy. The highest peak in the massif is Mont Puget, 565 metres high. He then moved to the Hotel Regina in the hills of Cimiez, above Nice. A b Le Petit Robert, Dictionnaire Universel des Noms Propres (1988). The Camargue edit With an area of over 930 km2 (360 mi2 the Camargue is Western Europe's largest river delta (technically an island, as it is wholly surrounded by water). The Calanques edit The Calanques, also known as the Massif des Calanques, are a dramatic feature of the Provence coast, a 20-km long series of narrow inlets in the cliffs of the coastline between Marseille on the west and Cassis on the east. Using the following putative Neolithic Anatolian lineages: J2a-DYS445 6, G2a-M406 and J2a1b1-M92, the data predict a 0 Neolithic contribution to Provence from Anatolia. The average summer temperature is 22 to. 2 While it has been part of France for more than five hundred years, it still retains a distinct cultural and linguistic identity, particularly in the interior of the region. In the 13th century, the French kings started to use marriage to extend their influence into the south of France. The basic ingredients are olives and olive oil ; garlic; sardines, rockfish, sea urchins and octopus; lamb and goat; chickpeas ; local fruits, such as grapes, peaches, apricots, strawberries, cherries, and the famous melons of Cavaillon. 41 Paul Cézanne (18391906) was born in Aix-en-Provence, and lived and worked there most of his life.

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